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Arnold precision chucks are ideal for clamping glass and quartz glass tubes.

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Chucks catalogue

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.

28 pages

Burner holders


Mounting rails and holders for ARNOLD burners in various designs.

Burner Catalogue

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalogue.

92 pages

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4062/10 – 41000/10


Three-jaw Ring Chucks

These chucks represent the perfect clamping chucks for the clamping of glass- and quartz tubes they offer the following advantages:

■ easy, sensitive handling via closed safety manual clamping ring.
■ mechanical locking device (locking screw)
■ stroke arresting device for jaws in order to avoid falling out of 
    clamping jaws
■ clamping jaws with clamping rail for acceptance of exchangeable 
    clamping inserts, inserts normally made from light alloy, for 
    processing of quartz glass they are made from special steel - 
    other materials upon customer‘s request.
■ chucks in right- and left hand-execution thus with synchronously 
    driven glass working lathes opening- and closing direction of 
    chucks arranged at left or right side is the same.

For enlargement of clamping capacity of standard chucks cranked interchangeable false jaws can be supplied.



Arnold Swivel Jaw Inserts


The swivel jaw insert is clamped into the clamping device of the respective three-jaw ring chuck. Also possible for retrofitting to available three-jaw ring chucks.


The acceptance of swivel jaw inserts is arranged movably by means of a centrally mounted bolt. The acceptance can be additionally blocked by a mechanic fixing screw (wing screw


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