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ARNOLD is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of burners, tools and machines as well as ready-to-use systems for customers in the area of photovoltaic, glass and quartz glass processing, fibre-optic and the automotive production.

About us

Company profile:

Founded 1950
Head office in Weilburg / 


Approx. 160 employees

The Arnold Gruppe consists of the following companies:

Herbert Arnold GmbH & Co. KG
Helmich Automationstechnik
Heathway Ltd.

Business segments of the Arnold Gruppe:


Silicon processing machines and systems
Glass / Quartz glass processing machines

   and systems
Thermal glass tube processing with laser

Fibre optic machines and systems

Burners and tools

Business segments of the ARNOLD GRUPPE


Our core competence in photovoltaics is the mechanic cutting and grinding / polishing of poly, mono and multi crystalline silicon ingots and blocks.

Arnold can offer innovative, stand alone machines, as well as machines developed according to your individual requirements and specifications, such as complete processing centres and custom-tailored complete systems with an automatic linkage of all production processes and an intelligent assembly control system.

Business segments
Glass and quartz glass processing
Glass and quartz glass processing

Based on our traditional values and experience regarding the thermal and mechanical processing of glass and our ability to develop highly-engineered production lines and systems, we can offer you a wide range of burners, tools and standard machinesmanufactured for superior glass specialist firms as well as complex process solutions, i.e. for the solar thermal glass tube production, the high-precision resizing of quartz glass tubes, the completely automated production of laboratory and lamp-glassand other specific applications for thermal glass processing.

Fibre Optic 


Glass fibres are an essential part of data communication in the digital world today. The fabrication of glass fibres demands a highly precise production process. Arnold can offer you a wide range of machines for the preparation and joining of the pre-forms and ingots, horizontal stretching banks and vertical sleeving- / jacketing-machines, as well as MCVC- and plasma machines, for the etching and tempering of jacket-tubes.With our high technology products our customers thought-out the world attain supreme manufacturing quality under economic production conditions. 

Fibre Optic 

For more than 30 years we have been operating as partners of the automotive industry and its suppliers in the automation of production processes and production procedures. Our mission is a long-term and prosperous partnership with satisfied customers, due to innovative and future-orientated know-how.

Our team of automation technology specialists will plan and produce your customized system solution, for instance in the assembly automation for aggregate and carrier components, in the automatic assembly of cable looms in the foundry practice etc.

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On 1st October 1950 Herbert Arnold with his one-man-business lays the foundation stone for a company with a worldwide reputation. His talent: The realisation of innovative production technologies for the glass and later for the quartz glass processing.


At the end of the 70's, next to the laboratory glass industry, also the quartz glass industry becomes a booming market. Beginning of the 80’s, the optic fibre technology triggers an innovative wave.


The company Arnold, which is managed since 1984 in second generation by Wolfram Arnold, currently has more than 170 employees and exports to nearly all countries of the world.


The construction of a new production hall.

Particularly high premises were created for the glass fibre industries, enabling the assembly of vertical machines.


To complete our technological and professional competence, the property of our nowadays subsidiary HELMICH Automationstechnik was acquired. 

Helmich’s main focus is based in the process planning, engineering and mounting of automated assembly cells up to complete assembly lines, delivered ready for operation, mainly for the automobile industry.


A further extension of the production unit took place at the turn of the century. The production area was increased to a complete size of 10.000 m².


A further family member joins the company. Maximilian Arnold is responsible for the sector marketing. 


Expansion of the production site in Löhnberg. Currently complete production plants are assembled here for certification


Furthermore the Arnold-Group joins with B&C Inc in 2004, by taking over the company and integrating their production program.


On 13th January 2005, the Company HEATHWAY LIMITED is taken over 
by Company Herbert Arnold.


Alexander Arnold joins the family business. He is the representative for the area production.


This year, the use of laser technology in conjunction with glass was introduced in the company. Automatic welding, cutting and deforming with laser was another development process and a milestone in the company's history.


First fully automatic transfer line for silicon brick processing. From grinding center to a sawing center to the glueing cell everything from one source.

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The first fully automatic laser cutting plant with a total of 4 laser units, handling system and glass melding system.

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Arnold builds the first PST (Mother Preform Stretching Tower) system to further expand the fiber optics area.


One year later, the first RDT (Mother Preform Rod Draw Tower) plant realized in Weilburg.

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Band saw for the semiconductor industry

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New development: cylindrical grinding machine with integrated X-ray device

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