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In principle we differentiate between three cutting methods.

Wet cutting, scratch-breaking and the thermal shock method. Each of these methods has its own advantages but also restrictions. Therefore the field of application depends on the used material and the desired processing quality.

 Beside our standard program we have specialised upon machines with additional integrated length and diameter measurement systems for different applications.

Our long-standing experience guarantees you perfected and field-proven machines. On the following pages we can give you a summary of our standard program.

Cutting catalogue

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.


34 pages 

Scratch/Breaking machines


This machine group offers the advantage of high cutting capacity with exact length tolerances of work pieces. With this machine it is possible to cut tubes or rods. The modular construction and the flexible machine control of the cutting machine permit the usage of an additional downstream transfer compound system with following interlinked fire polishing or packaging units.

Scratch/Breaking machines

Wet cutting machines

Next to classic materials such as glass, quartz glass and ceramics, other similar materials, as for instance jewels, Al-Oxid, graphite, silicon, plastics, etc. can also be cut, when using the corresponding diamond cutting discs. With these machines it is possible to cut tubes and rods as well as plates.

Wet cutting machines

Thermal shock


Here you will find the classic machines for the laboratory glass production with the advantage of a transparent cutting area and a large variable tube diameter range. For the treatment of special glasses it can be equiped with a cooling roller which will is attached from the outside to the tube in order to trigger the thermal shock.

Thermal shock  machines
Pfeile rot weiss outline.png


71/8.10   Glass tube cracking-off machine


Glass tube cracking-off machine - manually operated

The universal model with reliable cracking-off system – suitable for soda glass, lead glass and borosilicate glass.

The tube to be cut is manually placed on the roller drive of the machine and shoved against the adjustable limit stop. Now the turning tube is manually scratched outside by means of a diamond.
Thereupon the cracking-off burner mounted on a slide is placed against an also adjustable limit stop exactly to the scratching position into the tube.
By means of the very sharp hydrogen/oxygen flame and the cleft made by the diamond at this position, the tube cracks off.
Alternatively the tube can be heated up from outside by a very sharp flame and cracked-off through a cooling roller, running in a water bath. Please refer to Cat. -No. 71/13 and 71/13 PN. This method is only suitable for soft glass.

■ Parallel, dry and transparent cuts
■ Easy operation
■ Easy and fast adjustment to different tube diameters and 
   individual cuts
■ Well suitable for cutting series as well as single cuts

71/61   Glass tube cracking-off machine


Glass tube cracking-off machine

Fully automatic execution of the proved cracking-off machine of cat. no. 71/8 for cracking-off soda glass, lead glass and borosilicate glass of diameter of 15 mm – 150 mm

■ solid machine base made from aluminium profile struts with alu        minium plate and feet for levelling the machine
■ magazine with tube feeding, capacity of magazine length approx. 
   300 mm – approx. 10 tubes at a diameter of 25 mm
■ pneumatically operated feeding with linear guidance, working 
   head with pneumatic clamping chuck, advance drive via ball 
   screw and AC-servo motor
■ burner slide guided also on linear guidance, advance drive via

   ball screw and AC-servo motor
■ self-centering roller support
■ scratching unit pneumatically triggered – by means of height ad-
   justment individually adjustable to the respective tube diameter, 

    provided for the acceptance of cutting wheels and cutting

■ rest for cuts – pneumatically triggered
■ machine control Siemens S7/300 integrated in the machine base
■ operating panel with all necessary function elements fixed via 
   gallows at the machine base


■ dry, plane-parallel and transparent cutting surface
■ no cleaning and drying of the cuts
■ mall length tolerances
■ optimal adjustments of the machine to different glass
   qualities and work piece dimensions
■ easy handling

72_330 Niro Frei.jpg

72/330 NIRO

Universal-Cutting-Saw - large model

For cutting glass, quartz glass, porcelaine, ceramics and similar materials.

This model with cutting disc from above, adjustable in height via handwheel and arrestable in any position allows not only an optimal use of the cutting disc diameter, but is also for a very versatile application. For example, the machine is suitable for cutting plates and blocks, to make slots into these materials, and to cut tubes longitudinally, etc.

The cutting table consists of a solid light metal plate, which is hard coated for protection against corrossion. Crosswise to the saw axis there are T-nuts milled, by means of which the table is especially suitable for clamping additional holding equipments. T-nut’s width of 8 mm complies with DIN 650 and has been provided for the use of T-nut-screws according to DIN 508-M6 x 8. For an improved precise adjustment the standard length stop of angular adjustment is provided with a micrometer screw. 
The cutting table is guided on closed ballbushings. Guideshafts are protected by means of closed bellows from splash water and abrasion.

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