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High-quality tools made by ARNOLD have been unrenounceable utensils for
decades used by glassblowers worldwide.


Highest standards in production grant best precision and high durability.

 Our 10-years after-sales-guarantee protects your investment. We guarantee you a 10 year availablily, from purchase date, of spare parts for your tool.



The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.

32 pages

Asbestos free materials

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.

8 pages

Glassblower's glasses

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.

8 pages


Pfeile rot weiss outline.png

25 a-c

Patented holder

for quick - clamping of cylindrical feet, with insulated handle, stainless steel clamping jaws

Size a: 20 - 60 mm
Size b: 50 - 100 mm
Size c: 100 - 150 mm


Glassblower’s working table with ceran working plate

As standard, adjustable in height for getting an optimal 
working place.

The 38/50 glassblowing table features an ergonomically designed construction, which allows a very relaxed and fatigue-free working, and individual height adjustment of the table top by means of threaded spindles for adjustment of the working height to different body sizes. The asymmetrically designed, generous tabletop allows the processing of very long glass parts and offers a harmonious integration of the glass blower through the table geometry.

This table is characterized by easily accessible, smooth and user-friendly connections for the energy supply On the side, container roll-down cabinets can be pushed in (optional extra)

Consisting of: 
■  ergonomic shaped multiplex plate 30 mm, beech veneer, natural
■  dimensions of table: 2.500 x 1.500 x 40 mm
■  Ceran working plate: 1.500 x 590 x 4 mm
■  C-base frame with spindle height adjustment, mounted at the

    frame, for an individual and optimal adjustment of working

■  adjusting range: appr. 720 - 1180 mm
■  back and side rail made of multiplex 20 mm, beech veneer, 

    without toothing
■  Electric fan with ventilation grid as an air curtain directly in front

    of main working area of the glassblower
■  Including distributor line for gas and holder for the gas supply.

    The large knee free space is preserved (For details see description

    of cat.-no. 38/3.80)
■  Power supply (socket) for connection of electric appliances

    directly at working table
■  Tabletop geometry available to customer requirements


Small manual and table model optical glass strain detector with LED Technologie


Arnold - Optical glass strain detectors for all transparent kinds of glass including transparent quartz and transparent plastics.

The analyzer can be turned for black and white or coloured display. The units excel by very clear visibility.

All units are delivered with appr. 3 m cord and plug. Bulbs for other Voltages can be delivered upon request.

■ Light source: high power 4 Watts LED, 230 Volts, 50 cycles
■ Analyzer Ø: 70 mm
■ Polarizer Ø: 70 mm
■ Max. distance between analyzer and polarizer: appr. 200 mm
■ The distance between analyzer and polarizer can be adjusted 
    via joint

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