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ARNOLD is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of burners, tools and machines as well as ready-to-use systems for customers in the area of photovoltaic, glass and quartz glass processing, fibre-optic and the automotive production.

Glass and quartz glass processing


Based on our traditional values and experience regarding the thermal and mechanical processing of glass and our ability to develop highly-engineered production lines and systems, we can offer you a wide range of burners, tools and standard machines manufactured for superior glass specialist firms as well as complex process solutions, i.e. for the solar thermal glass tube production, the high-precision resizing of quartz glass tubes, the completely automated production of laboratory and lamp-glass and other specific applications for thermal glass processing

Fibre Optic


Glass fibres are an essential part of data communication in the digital world today. The fabrication of glass fibres demands a highly precise production process.


Arnold can offer you a wide range of machines for the preparation and joining of the pre-forms and ingots, horizontal stretching banks and vertical sleeving- / jacketing-machines, as well as MCVC- and plasma machines, for the etching and tempering of jacket-tubes.With our high technology products our customers thought-out the world attain supreme manufacturing quality under economic production conditions. 




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