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Mehmet Tabak small.jpg

ARNOLD congratulates Mehmet Tabak on passing his master's examination!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our employee, Mehmet Tabak, has successfully passed his examination to become an industrial foreman in the field of metal!

His commitment, his passion and his tireless efforts have paid off. A big step has been taken in his professional career and we are thrilled to now have him as a master on our team! Thank you, Mehmet Tabak, for enriching the machining team with knowledge and skills.


We look forward to many more successes together!

Mehmet Tabak passes his master's examination


C Schaefer small.jpg

Carl Constantin Schäfer did it - he passed his journeyman's exam with flying colors and was even named the best precision mechanic in the guild! 


The management and the entire ARNOLD team are incredibly proud of this outstanding achievement. Carl Constantin Schäfer not only demonstrated his technical skills, but also showed his commitment and passion for his profession!


Thank you for being part of our successful team. We look forward to starting an exciting and successful future together with you!

Carl Constantin Schäfer named best precision mechanic in the guild



On the occasion of his 60th birthday, ARNOLD warmly congratulates the technical director, Mr. Roger Knetsch, and wishes him all the best. ​


His technical expertise, innovative strength and dedication have significantly shaped and driven our company forward! ​ May the coming years be as successful, inspiring and fulfilling as the past ones.


We look forward to many more shared milestones and successful projects under his technical leadership!

ARNOLD congratulates tech. Managing Director Roger Knetsch on his 60th birthday


Adrian Altintop delivers top performance in the final exam

Our trainee, Adrian Altintop, delivered a top performance in part 1 of the spring 2023 final exam as an electronics technician for industrial engineering.

He was able to achieve 94 points for the work task with situational discussion phases and 81 points for the written task.


Congratulations on this great result!

Adrian Altintop k.jpg


Viktor Baskal honored for his outstanding achievements as a trainer

The results of our trainees show that the quality of our training is very good! We are pleased that our training concept is so successful and that it provides numerous high-performing journeymen every year.


This success is partly based on the commitment of our trainer, Mr. Viktor Baskal, who accompanies our trainees very closely on their way into professional life.


At this point, many thanks to Viktor Baskal for securing the future of the Arnold Group by training qualified junior staff!



Luca Paul honored as the best of the guild

In the winter of 2022/23, our trainee precision mechanic, Luca Paul, succeeded in completing his journeyman's examination as the best in the guild and thus qualified for the performance competition of the German trade.


We wish him every success and are proud of the excellent results achieved by the trainees at Arnold.

DSC_4002 klein.jpg


Brian Patzke reached excellent 97 points in the final exam

We congratulate our trainee Brian Patzke, who was able to achieve an excellent result of 97 points in his final exam as a cutting machine operator in the work task with situational discussion phases.


Thomas Seyffert celebrates 25th company anniversary

We would like to congratulate our long-standing employee Thomas Seyffert on his 25th company anniversary!


Mr. Seyffert has been with our company since February 1st, 1998. With his expert knowledge in the glass and special glass business unit, he shapes technical sales and ensures that our customers are satisfied.


We hope that Mr. Seyffert will strengthen our sales team for many more years to come and thank him for the positive and always successful cooperation!



25th company anniversary by Joerg Gloger

We sincerely congratulate our long-time employee Jörg Gloger on his company anniversary! ​

During the 25 years he has been with the company, Mr. Gloger has passed through many departments in our company and achieved significant added value here! We hope that he will shape our company history for many years to come.

Thank you for the positive and always successful cooperation!



Goodbye to Sina Jahraus

With heartfelt wishes, we say goodbye to our long-standing employee Sina Jahraus after 21 years of service.


We hope that Ms. Jahraus enjoys her well-deserved retirement and thank you for the pleasant cooperation!



Goodbye to H. Pingel

After 27 years of service, we say goodbye to our long-standing employee Hartmut Pingel.

We wish Mr. Pingel all the best for the new phase of his life on his well-deserved retirement. We thank him for the valuable cooperation and look back on many joint successes.

Ausstand H Pingel FB.jpg


25 years at Arnold

We would like to congratulate our long-standing employee Michael Krausewald on his 25 years of service! Thank you for the positive and always successful cooperation!


We are proud and honored to write company history with such long-serving employees.

Successful trainees at Arnold

Successful trainees at Arnold Nils Hartmann (left), our trainee electronics technician for operating technology, achieved 99 points in part one of the spring 2022 final exam for the work task with situational discussion phases and 98 points for the written task. ​


Our trainee Aron Demmer (right) passed part one of the spring 2022 final exam as a cutting machine operator with flying colours: 96 points for the work task with situational discussion phases and 81 points for the written task were evaluated at the end.




70 Years Herbert Arnold GmbH & Co. KG

Exactly on the day 70 years ago, on October 1st 1950, with a one-man business, Herbert Arnold laid the foundation for a company with worldwide reputation.

The company, meanwhile run in the third generation, has developed over 7 decades into one of the leading manufacturers of machines and special systems in the field of processing special glass and silicon as well as the automation technology.

In recent years, innovations in the processing of brittle materials such as glass, quartz glass, ceramics or silicon have repeatedly introduced into the market by our company.

We are proud of what we have achieved over many years and look back on a long and great history. On behalf of the management, we would like to thank everyone, contributing significantly to this success story.

Due to Covid-19 we unfortunately cannot celebrate this anniversary this year.
But we very much hope, that we will be able to catch up the celebrations next year and would like to invite you to this celebration right now.


Innovation by Tradition – Arnold Group



ARNOLD congratulates their trainees for precision engineering mechanics on passing their final exam.

On January 27th, 2020 the trainees Mr. Tim Hagner, Mr. Leon Seide as well as Sergey Tscherkaschin completed their 3 ½ years’ apprenticeship as precision engineering mechanics.


All three proved their theoretical knowledge as well as their craftsmanship in front of the Kreishandwerkschaft Lahn-Dill and were thus able to achieve a great conclusion of their training.


We would like to congratulate them on successfully passing their exams and are pleased to welcome our three former trainees as qualified craftsmen again from 28.01.2020 and

wish them all the best and much success for their future work in our company.


Apprenticeship Champion: Sven Hedrich, honored by the Industrie- und Handelskammer Limburg with the grade “very good”

Sven Hedrich, who started his vocational training for an industrial electronics technician on August 1st 2015, passed the IHK final examination achieving 94 points and thus finalized with the overall result “very good”.

The honor of apprenticeship champion has been given by IHK-Limburg president Ulrich Heep and general manager Monika Sommer, in the presence of instructor Kai Bergmann, on August 29th, 2019.

20190829_Ausbildungschampios 2019 (49).J


​Kristian Björnsen visits the Arnold Group

Today Kristian Björnsen of HSG Wetzlar, was our guest and has informed about our company and our products. We are proud to support such an internationally successful player and wish him continued success as a handball professional.



District Administrator Michael Köberle visiting

​District Administrator Michael Köberle visiting March 22, 2019 On Thursday, March 21, 2019, we were able to introduce the new district administrator Micheal Köberle, together with the board of Kreissparkasse Weilburg, Mr. Stefan Hastrich and Mr. Stephan Gürtler, our latest innovations in the field of glass fiber production. We would like to thank you very much for the very interesting conversation and look forward to a good cooperation, also in connection with our longtime partner, Kreissparkasse Weilburg.



Excellent education with Arnold: Jonas-Jerome Sachse awarded as guild best

We congratulate our bachelor Mr. Jonas-Jerome Sachse on the successful final examinations in the field of precision mechanics mechanical engineering, which he has completed as guild leader in front of the Chamber of Crafts Wiesbaden. We are very pleased that he is a valuable member of our corporate family and look forward to a common and successful future.



Arnold "Gold Partner" of HSG Wetzlar

Arnold Gruppe is "Gold Partner" of HSG Wetzlar. We are very happy to support the club and the team in the upcoming games. As a player godfather, we are especially proud to have Vice-World Champion Kristian Bjørnsen at our side. We would like to thank HSG Wetzlar for the trust in our company.

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