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Plasma machines for a wide variety of processes

Whenever a sufficient amount of energy is transformed to a gas, ionization occurs. Due to this a thermal plasma can be formed which enables electrical conductivity of the gas. This electrical conductivity of the gas makes it possible to extract energy from an alternating electromagnetic field . With the extracted energy a plasma is formed and maintained.


An inductively coupled plasma, at atmospheric pressure, is characterized by an extremely high temperature and a high energy density.


Advantages of an inductively coupled plasma are:

  No contamination from the heat source (no OH-contamination, no metal particles in the heated zone of the flame)

  Free choice of atomic gas. (Argon, Nitrogen) or molecular gases like compressed air.

  High flame temperatures. (Argon(A) around 15.000 K and Nitrogen (N) around 8.000 K

  Plasma power and process parameters are completely computer numeric controlled.


The outside plasma mainly find it usage in the following processes:

  Welding - homogeneous plasma-welding tube to tube, rod to tube or rod to rod

  Tapering - homogeneous plasma-tapering of heavy wall tube

  Flame polishing

We have experience with:

  Collapsing - homogeneous plasma-collapsing tube to rod material

  Forming - extruding or collapsing tube or rod material

  Etching - evaporating contaminated surface material



Pfeile rot weiss outline.png

Plasma lathes (30 kw und 50 kw)

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