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ARNOLD - first choice for professional operators for decades

The base for this is more than 50 years experience in burner construction with the demand to offer our customers the optimum heating unit, with a view to the efficiency and the technical equipment. During the development we consequently pay attention to the demands of the users and the continuous improvement leads to more compact and more efficient burners. The burners can be delivered for all types of gas.

Burner Catalogue

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalogue.

92 pages

Hand burners

We can offer you hand burners with mirco-flame for tiny melting jobs up to hand burners for all heating applications when working with large work pieces.

Hand Burners

Bench burners

For the furnishing of a classical glassblower’s working place, we offer a comprehensive program of different laboratory burners and bench burners.

Bench Burners

Machine burners


To complete our glass working lathes, forming and sealing machines we offer a comprehensive range of machine burners.
Adjusted to the respective production process, single-head burners, surface burners, ring burners or counterfire units come into operation.

Machine Burners

Quartz glass burners

Through the constant demand for highest quality and purity of the production processes in the quartz glass and fibre industry, a special burner collection was developed. The most important data hereby are: All gas leading parts are made of electro polished stainless steel and all burner jets or heads are made of quartz glass.

Quartz Glas Burners


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Arnold Zenit


Bench burner, surface mix

Noiseless bench burner, for gas and oxygen, burners for natural gas and propane with special flame stabilization system allowing to operate the burner even with a surplus of air and thus with a cooler flame - mounted on solid cast iron foot with ball joint.

The optimum burners for processing borosilicate glass, in the execution for hydrogen and oxygen (WS) for processing quartz glass.

  low noise working method with a large field of application
  stable, homogeneous flame formation, from pinpoint flame to 
   bushy flame, steplessly variable via a single twisting grip
  burning media are controlled via ball valves, nearly service-free 
   and resistant to wear
  optimum energy field through intensive ignition of gases
  long durability by using high-quality materials and constructional 
   parts - solid burner head made of non-scaling stainless steel
  connection glands with thread

148   Machine burner


Machine burner, surface mix


High capacity box-burner for natural gas and oxygen resp. propane gas and oxygen.

Burner housing and burner jets made of stainless steel, inert gas welded and finally corroded, feeding tubes for gas- and oxygen made of stainless steel. Upon request also available with additional needle valves.

 extremely high heating capacity
 low-noise working method
 homogeneous, pure flame
 completely made of stainless steel
 also suitable for processing quartz glass
 high efficiency by intensive combustion 
   of gases

141/3  Hand torch


Hand torch, surface mix with multiple jet head

Propane gas execution operates with a low amount of additional air in order to avoid the dazzle white flame core. Burner tubes, valves and burner cap are made of brass, jets of stainless steel. Execution with connecting glands.

■ silent principle of working
■ high heating capacity and concentrated flame range due to 
   separately controllable middle jet
■ homogeneous, variable flame formation, ranging from sharp, 
   concentrated pin-point flames to large bushy flames

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