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Merging machines for the thermal processing of tube-ends made of glass and quartz glass

Useable as a single machine, to merge workpiece ends charge wise, or as a downstream merging machine behind scratch- or breaking machines, to edit workpieces directly interlinked. Depending on application, executable with various options, up to packaging or storing of workpieces.



Pfeile rot weiss outline.png


Fire polishing machine 

The machine consists of a solid, electro welded base frame with a base for a user-friendly, comfortable working height.


The rotation speed of the transport discs can be adjusted steplessly via a D.C. gear motor and thus it can be adapted to each requested fire polishing level of the work pieces.


By use of a further steplessly adjustable D.C. gear motor, two pulleys are driven contrary to the transport direction, generating the rotation of the tube parts to be fire polished.


The distance of the transport discs to each other is adjustable and thus it can be adapted to each work piece length.


The feeding of the work pieces from the high capacity cutting machine 71/200 can be effected via a conveyor belt or via cassettes, magazines resp. guide rails (optional - not included at the scope of delivery).

All electrical elements are placed in a control box mounted at the base.

The burner gases (gas/oxygen) are distributed to each corresponding burner via a gas distributor rail with four connector plugs.

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