Grinding machines


For processing norm- and mass-produced articles as well as special items with specific dimensions. 
From the simple manually operated machine up to the fully automatic, NC controlled edger - our range of grinding machines has the solution for almost every case of use.


Drilling machines

For processing norm- and mass-produced articles with diamond tools. 

Especially for adding bores with diamond crowned hollow drills in glass and quartz glass, as well as for the processing of standard ground joint cores and husks by means of diamond reamers. The drilling machines distinguish themselves by there lengthwise drilled spindles with mounted cooling-agent rinsing joint. As a result the tools in use are cooled and a considerably higher lifetime of the tools in guaranteed.

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Grinding & drilling catalogue

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.

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Grinding machine compact built

Heavy-duty space saving design, closed housing, with built-in electric motor, grinding spindle runs on ball bearings with Morse taper 3.

The change in the revolutions per minute (rpm) is accomplished by shifting a V-belt; in the infinitely variable execution via a potentiometer. The Morse taper MK 3 serves as the admission for a variety of tools such as:
■ Insert spindles in different executions (see catalogue)
■ Three-jaw ring chuck (Kat. No. 529 – 531)
■ Cast disc (Kat. No. 592)


Due to the high speed range, the machines of the category 524 can also be used as engraving machines (Kugler machine). They can be equipped with the corresponding spindles (Kat. No. 524/10 – 524/15), enabling the admission of the engraving tools (Kugler tools).


Diamond High-speed Drilling Machine

Execution like machine no 561, with water collecting tank with divided plexiglass windows which can be removed individually.

■ Solid drilling machine, table model, with height adjustable

   drilling table which can be swung laterally and fully rotating
■ Drilling spindle runs on precision ball bearings
■ Drive of drilling spindle by means of three-phase pole-changing

■ Drilling spindle made from special stainless steel, axially bored 
    through, with fixed coolant flushing hinge
■ Device of ejection of plugs
■ Stop of drilling depth can easily be adjusted

■  water collecting tank with divided plexiglass windows which 
    can be removed individually
■ Base
■ Three-chamber water cascade made from enamelled steel sheet
■ Individual regulation of pressure by built in pressure gauge



Glass drilling- and reaming machine

In special execution for use of diamond-tipped hollow drills and conical diamond-tipped reamers.


■ Heavy drilling machine, vertical type, in solid and precise 
    execution, with sturdy base made from cast iron
■ Drilling table fully rotating, height adjustable by means of 
    toothed rack and worm gear
■ Drilling spindle runs on precision ball bearings
■ Drilling spindle possesses a pole-changing threephase motor
■ The stop of drilling depth can easily be adjusted special steel, 
    it is axially bored through and equipped with an attached

    coolant flushing hinge
■ Water collecting tank with built-in submerged pump
■ Pedal switch for actuation of pump

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Technical Sales



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Technical Sales