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Arnold offers a wide range of laboratory applications


For laboratory requirements, we offer a large, diversified range of machines for hot and cold processing of glass and other ceramic or brittle materials. From lathes to cutting, grinding and drilling machines to forming machines and torches as well as tools, we offer almost all possibilities.

laboratory applications example


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ARNOLD ASSISTENT 1025  Universal –Glassworking lathes

Special model with height adjustable work table


Universal –Glassworking lathes

Universal- Glassworking lathe in special, handy precision execution for delicate joining operations.

Left working head is fixed, while right working head and burner support are smoothly adjustable via pinion gear (toothed rack / toothed wheel) and guide wagons by means of hand wheel. Both, right working head and burner support, can be locked at any position by means of cam lever. 

48/06 – 48/012  Single spindle
48/06 – 48/012

Single spindle – glass forming machine
manual operation

Machine for production of standard ground joints, ball joints, stop cock barrels, glass threads and flanges, forming of outer joints at flasks, according to machine type suitable for the forming of tube ends made of borosilicate glass up to 120 mm diameter.

■ High forming accuracy due to precise adjustment of forming 
   tools and thus constant, close tolerances and short grinding 
■ Machines can be operated by semi-skilled staff
■ Also suitable for small series

524.01  Grinding machine compact built

Grinding machine compact built

Heavy-duty space saving design, closed housing, with built-in electric motor, grinding spindle runs on ball bearings with Morse taper 3.

The change in the revolutions per minute (rpm) is accomplished by shifting a V-belt; in the infinitely variable execution via a potentiometer. The Morse taper MK 3 serves as the admission for a variety of tools such as:
■ Insert spindles in different executions (see catalogue)
■ Three-jaw ring chuck (Kat. No. 529 – 531)
■ Cast disc (Kat. No. 592)


Thomas Seyffert
Technical Sales



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