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Machines and equipment for the automotive and supplier industry

For more than 30 years we have been active as partners of the automotive and supplier industry in the automation of production and manufacturing processes. Our mission is a long-lasting and prosperous cooperation with satisfied customers due to innovative and future orientated know-how. 

Our team of automation technology specialists will design and manufacture your specific system solutions, as for example in the assembly automation for aggregate and chassis assemblies, the automatic assembly of cable looms, in the foundry technology and much more.


Our capabilities include amongst others:

■ Plant design / engineering / simulation

■ Control engineering

■ Linking of plants and processes

■ Integration of industrial robots all common brands

■ Conversions of plants

■ Delivery of standard components

■ Construction, start-up and service


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Gripping systems

obots are deployed in many areas of operation, especially in areas which are to dangerous for humans or not economical. Due to their versatility and their reliability Arnold does not solely use robots in these areas, but also for the handling of workpieces or tools. The advantages for our customers are next to the cost reduction also the achieved cycle times. We can supply customized solutions tailored to fit each clients demands, depending on your request, up to the point of launching a completely finished total system “robots”, integrated into external machines and controllers.


Our experiences in this area are versatile and have been proven to be effective in the rough world of the automotive industry, as well as in the 3-shift-operation in foundries. From the almost infinite possibilities we can only show a few examples of our implemented systems so far:

Robotic tooling for assembly and workpiece machining


 Pressing in the hand of the robot

 ​Screw tools, also multi-axle with stitch adjustment

 ​Loading and unloading of processing machines

 ​Fully automatic assembly of valve keys within the cylinder head



Robotic gripping for individual handling tasks


 Sand cores for cast parts

 Combustion engines

 Automobile axle components

 Valve discs for automobile axle dampers

 Cable harnesses

 Glass tubes for pipettes

 Glass sheets

 Silicon blocks

The field of application are diverse and vary strongly depending on the individual customers surroundings. The possibilities are examined in close consultation with our customer and subsequently realised.


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Transport systems

All of our supplied systems have been proven to be effective for the last years and fulfil the customers demands for a 3-shift-operation: “smooth” transport – day in and day out.


We offer you for your workpiece transport, the optimal system, composed of the band system and the corresponding workpiece carrier.

Accumulating roller conveyors


Maintenance free

Self lubricating

Cost effective standard systems

Variable tracks

Variable band speed

Variable band height


Our product range is based on two transport systems, which operate according to the roller conveyor principle. Both systems are maintenance free and do not require any additional lubrication, due to the material combination.

The inevitable elongation of the chain is balanced via an automatic clamping mechanism and enables at the same time a constant chain tension. In both systems pulling strand and idle strand of the chain are integrated in the profile, they vary solely in their loading capacity.



is a bilateral driven transport system for larger loads. The middle covers are accessible and designed for different track widths.

As an option the cover can be complemented by a lateral covering, in which the electrical and pneumatic wires are situated. The transport height amounts 350 mm, which enables an easy surpassing of the transport belt.


is a variably configurable band system for many applications. This model is available as either a unilateral or bilateral driven transport system, depending on application. Due to its low constructional height, this system is suitable for two-storeyed applications, with the processing of the workpieces on the upper and a back haul on the lower band. The modular concepts of both systems enable an easy and cost-effective adaptation to the individual customers requests, particularly regarding transport speed, track width and band height.

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Assembly systems

The foundation of our concept is an easy to operate machine, which is as flexible and adaptable as possible, so that future products can also be assembled. Our offered spectrum ranges from components (which can be integrated into existing assembly lines), over single stations (as a closed process) up to linked lines for versatile tasks in the automobile manufacture as well as in the glassworking or photovoltaic industry, as for example:


 Montagesysteme in der Aggregate- und Fahrwerksmontage

■ Handhabungsanlagen in der Gießereitechnik

■ Be- und Entladung von Glasverarbeitungsmaschinen

■ Komplettsysteme für die Siliziumblockfertigung

■ Automatisierte Kabelkonfektionierung



We can optimize the efficiency of your production.

The necessary degree of automation is adapted to fit the individual needs of each customer and is dependent on site location, investment costs, production times, cycle times and any other customer specific conditions.


For the following assembly processes we can show you references:

■ Screwing

■ Joining (for example brake callipers, ABS sensors, wheel


■ Riveting

■ Handling (f.i. components, pallets, thermoforming)

■ Measuring (f.i.Torsional moment, forces, paths)

■ Controlling (f.i. ABS sensors)

■ Pressing, with and without force management (Hydraulic. With

   electric spindle)

■ Filling (f.i. dampers)

■ Applying (f.i. fat, oil, liquid sealants)

■ Branding (Ink-jet printing, labelling)

■ Assembly of limp parts (cable assembly)

■ Transportation (see transport systems)


According to customers demands, all necessary quality data are documented and saved (see control engineering).  Within our assignments we have so far integrated over 120 robots in the assembly technology, especially 6-arm articulated robots of the brand types ABB and KUKA. 

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Control engeneering

Quality data documentation


Quality-data documentation is an inherent part of today’s production sites. It serves the purpose of traceability as well as continuous process improvement within the running production. Our quality data documentation system (QDS) enables the recording, analysis and archiving of production data. The application can be run under the common operating system WINDOWS on any PC. The QDS system is adapted to the respective demands and therefore enables targeted data documentation for individual procedures. 

The QDS system offers the customer a user-friendly display of transactions and graphics, as well as an easy and efficient analysis option. The integrated evaluation of the production data in real-time allows a quick recognition of error bursts during production process and as a result a targeted and immediate initiation of measures. This transparency ensures to a higher availability, a reduction of production errors within the manufacturing-plant and consequently a more cost-efficient operation. 

Type administration

The type administration is an independent software module for the administration of complete device-lists. The individual parts are deposited via a central ordering code. These can be retrieved and provided for the production process, f.i. as process text display. The data content is adjusted to fit the individual requirements of the respective application. 

Production management

The production management enables a central submission of production orders. It coordinates the distribution to the different pre-assembly processes and administrates the execution of batch sizes in the manufacturing. The production management allows a submission of up to 4 follow-up jobs.

Central plant visualization

The central plant visualization displays the production data and / or system status in real-time. This provides at all times a fast summary of all relevant data and system states.

Jörg Gloger
Chief Sales Officer



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Kai Zlotos
Technical Sales



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