The perfect combination of experience, craftsmanship and modern technology makes the ARNOLD ZENIT one of the best bench burners in the world. More than 60 years of experience in our factory, where this burner is assembled and adjusted manually, ensure quality and durability.

The base for this is more than 50 years experience in burner construction with the demand to offer our customers the optimum heating unit, with a view to the efficiency and the technical equipment. During the development we consequently pay attention to the demands of the users and the continuous improvement leads to more compact and more efficient burners. The burners can be delivered for all types of gas.

Based on our traditional values and experience regarding the thermal and mechanical processing of glass and our ability to develop highly-engineered production lines and systems, we can offer you a wide range of burners, tools and standard machinesmanufactured for superior glass specialist firms as well as complex process solutions.

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The Arnold Zenit is characterized by its longevity and will be with you for many decades. For this reason, we like to offer the Custom Design Zenit. Your individual design on hand wheels, hood and cast iron base made by airbrush or water transfer printing – Your imagination is virtually limitless!

Or you can choose from our new designs, which we are constantly extending in the future. The new series starts with six Zenit burners: Skulls, Flames, Carbon, Heavy Metal, Woody and Stars & Stripes. What is your personal Zenit?





We can offer you hand burners with mirco-flame for tiny melting jobs up to hand burners for all heating applications when working with large work pieces.


Arnold Zenit

For the furnishing of a classical glassblower’s working place, we offer a comprehensive program of different laboratory burners and bench burners.

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   TOOLS &


Highest standards in production grant best precision and high durability.

 Our 10-years after-sales-guarantee protects your investment. We guarantee you a 10 year availablily, from purchase date, of spare parts for your tool.


Ergonomically designed workstations are more and more in the focus at present. Individual height adjustments of the work bench, improved depositories, adjustability of the burner are only a few points that we can offer you as a part of an ergonomically perfected workplace layout.

For all transparent kinds of glass including transparent quartz and transparent plastics. The analyzer can be turned for black and white or coloured display. The units excel by very clear visibility



Asbestos free materials catalog

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.

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