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Supply Chain Management


As reliable company, ARNOLD is firmly convinced that the best support to the society and the corporate objectives can be achieved by reliable behaviours and practices. We consider it to be a minimum requirement that a company has to be managed by full compliance of all applicable laws, regulations and instructions.


In business transactions, suppliers must act according to ethical principles and behave with integrity. Including:

Business Integrity and Fair Competition

Any corruption, blackmail and embezzlements are prohibited. Suppliers do not take bribes and do not participate on other illegal incentives for business relations or relations with the public sector. Suppliers manage their business in conformity with a fair and strong
competition and under compliance of all valid anti-trust laws. Suppliers are required to use fair business practises as well as an exact and truthful advertising.

Identification of Problems

All employees shall be encouraged to report about problems or illegal activities at their job, without being threatened by repressive measures, intimidation or victimization.

If necessary, suppliers will carry out appropriate investigations and take corrective action.


Confidential information are kept secret by the suppliers and made sure, that right for
protection of privacy of companies, employees and customers is guaranteed.


Suppliers commit themselves, to comply with human rights of employees and treat them with dignity and respect. Including:

Works, chosen on a voluntary basis

Suppliers are not allowed to employ forced or slave labourer or unintentional prisoners.

Children- and Youth Work

Suppliers are not allowed to employ children. Young employees, below 18 years are
exclusively allowed to be employed with non-hazardous works, under the condition, that they have exceeded the minimum age, which is legally valid in the individual country.

No Discrimination

Suppliers do not allow any discrimination and harassment at work.

Fair Treatment

Suppliers must ensure a workplace free from unfair and inhuman treatment.

Wages, Benefits and Working Time

Suppliers must pay the employees in accordance with the corresponding remuneration law.

Freedom of Association

Open communication and direct arrangements with employees are encouraged to solve problems with the workplace and wage / salary. Suppliers must respect rights of employees, as established in the local laws. Employees must be able to communicate honestly with the management about working conditions, without any threat of repressive measures, intimidation or victimization.

Environmental Protection

Suppliers must operate their business environment-friendly and –efficiently, to minimize harmful impacts to the environment. Suppliers are encouraged to preserve natural resources, to avoid the use of hazardous material if possible and make use of recycling- and re-usable possibilities. Including:

Environmental Authorization

Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental regulations. All necessary environmental approvals, licences, information and registrations must be provided and its operational demands and the required obligations of reporting must be kept to.

Waste and Emission

Suppliers must have systems or processes implemented, to ensure the safe handling, shipment, storage, recycling, re-use or disposal of waste, air emission and discharge of waste water.


Suppliers should preferably use management systems, or at least have corresponding
processes implemented, to ease a continuous improvement and adherence of these
principles. Including:

Obligation and Liability

Suppliers must unveil their obligation to these principles.

Legal Requirements and Customer Demands

Suppliers must identify and fulfill applicable laws, regulations, standards and relevant customer requirements.

Management of Risk

Suppliers must have mechanisms available, to determine and evaluate risks, of all areas mentioned in this document and take reasonable countermeasures.


Suppliers must maintain a documentation, to prove conformity with these principles and compliance with applicable regulations.

Education and Competence

Suppliers must have a training programme established, thus both, management and employees, will have an adequate standard of knowledge, skill and capability, to comply with expectations of interested parties.

Remedy of Defects and Improvements

Suppliers are expected to use a sustainable method to work on complaints, if defects have been identified by internal or external notifications, audits or management reviews.
Besides the stipulation of adequate immediate measures, this method must include an error analysis to determine causes, planning and introduction of corrective measures and reasonable measures to avoid repeating errors, by a continuous communication with the person reporting the defect.

Environmental Policy


This declaration on principle defines the general environmental policy of the ARNOLD Group.

It represents the framework for activities and procedures, according to which the ARNOLD Group commits itself to sustainable management, taking into account the interaction of economic, ecological and social aspects.


In addition to environmental protection based on government regulations, the goal is to improve the company's environmental performance through the far-sighted and systematic integration of environmental aspects into business decisions.


The policy statement applies to the entire ARNOLD-Group at the location 35781 Weilburg / Hessen. The evaluation of the topicality of the environmental policy and the corporate goals resulting from it as well as reviewing the effectiveness of the measures and procedures carried out, are the responsibility of the management.


The ARNOLD Group, hereinafter referred to as the ARNOLD company, combines the company divisions Herbert Arnold, Glastechnischer Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH & Co KG (founded in 1950), Helmich Automationstechnik GmbH & Co KG, B + C, Heathway Limited as well as Arnold Motion GmbH & CO KG, all centrally managed from the Weilburg plant.


The goal of the special machine construction company is the implementation of innovative production technologies in the areas of cold and hot processing of laboratory glass and quartz glass, optical fibre production and silicon processing.

A wide range of self-developed gas burners, plasma technology, induction heating or innovative laser technology is used for hot processing.


The company division Helmich Automationstechnik GmbH & Co KG has many years of experience in the planning and production of customer-specific system solutions in assembly automation in automotive engineering and robotics.

Environmental Principles

The following principles govern the mode of action of the management and employees of Arnold:

Employee Integration

We see environmental protection as a management task and an important obligation in the implementation of our corporate goals and for every employee in their daily work. Our employees are sensitized to environmental protection through in-house training measures and are instructed to actively participate in the design of corporate environmental protection in their own area.

Safe operation

The basis of our business activities is the secure compliance with the laws and the official regulations and requirements of other interested parties. Our equipments are operated in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. In addition, we support measures that go beyond the statutory obligations in order to limit or even completely avoid the effects of possible incidents on the environment.

Emissions and waste

To reduce emissions and operational waste products, we use our technical and economic possibilities to reduce environmental pollution. In the case of unavoidable waste products, we cooperate with specialized contract partners to ensure an environmetally sound disposal or recycling if possible.

Environmentally sound technologies and products

After reviewing the possible applications, we encourage environmentally friendly technologies and the use of energy-saving products. Operating and auxiliary materials should be biodegradable and are transported, stored, used and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Responsible water use is made possible by means of an installed process water treatment system with underground storage.

Constant improvement

The Arnold company undertakes to implement improvements in environmental performance as a continuous process within the company and to regularly check the state of environmental protection on its own responsibility. If deviations are detected, appropriate measures are initiated

Waste Management Concept

Waste materials are collected separately in all company divisions and regularly disposed of by commissioned specialist companies. In the case of certain waste materials, this is done with verification documents. An annual inspection of the disposal measures is carried out by the Limburg Environmental Agency with an inspection of the business premises.

Disposal with verification

The following materials are collected separately at specified company collection points and are regularly collected and disposed of by certified waste management companies. The waste disposal certificates are archived in Purchasing:

  • Waste cooling lubricants
  • Waste oil
  • Solvent, waste thinner
  • Nickel bath waste water
  • Spray cans, empty

Disposal without verification

The following materials are collected and disposed of separately at specified company collection points and are collected and disposed of regularly without further proof by specialist disposal companies:

  • Waste batteries and waste accumulators
  • Wood waste
  • Waste lamps
  • Electronic waste
  • Filter material
  • Domestic waste
  • Cable remnants
  • Plastic packaging
  • Metal chips, separated by type
  • Waste containing oil
  • Paper
  • Special waste paint shop

ARNOLD is fully aware of the different cultures and challenges, existing in connection with the global interpretation and application of these principles. Although ARNOLD is strictly convinced that these principles should apply everywhere, it has to be considered that methods to fulfill these expectations can be different and must be in conformity with the laws, values and cultural expectations of different societies of the world. We declare our solidarity with the principles of United Nations Global Compact (UN GC) and the declaration of the International Labour Organization (ILO) regarding fundamental principles and employment laws.


ARNOLD is of the opinion, that implementation of these principles can be done best by continuous improvements, pushing the supplier performance forward as time goes on.