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Arnold is your perfect partner in the field of medical technology


In the field of medicine, we have a wide range of machines for the glass components used in medical technology. Be it when cutting the raw parts using thermal shock, scribing, wet cutting or laser cutting processes or during melting, deformation or attachment work using torches and laser technology on horizontal, vertical or swiveling lathes, as well as cold machining such as grinding or drilling.

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ARNOLD 126 / 22  Hand torch

ARNOLD 126 / 22

Hand torch, premix    

for gas and oxygen. For achievement of very sharp, hot flames. Thus also very suitable as sealing burner. Very exact flame adjustment possible by means of precise regulating valves for gas and oxygen.

ARNOLD 71/200   High-capacity cutting machine

ARNOLD 71/200

High-capacity cutting machine

The progress of our proven semiautomatic high capacity cutting machine of cat. no. 71/75 S to a fully automatic high-capacity cutting machine 71/200

■ dry, parallel cuts due to the scratch-breaking procedure
■ no cleaning and drying of cut pieces
■ small length tolerance because of defined, motorized work 
   piece feed
■ optimal adjustment of the machine to different materials as well

    as work piece dimensions by means of easy and reproducible

    adjustments of scratching and breaking tools
■ continuous procedure because of effective processing of material
■ machine control by means of PLC with interface for connection 
   to additional linkage systems (for example fire-polishing

    machine of cat. no. 52/65)

P1040 Laser

P1040 Laser

The machine type P1040 is based on the Arnold Standard Glass working lathe P1040. 

This all-purpose precision glass working lathe is especially suitable for laser applications, e.g. in the laboratory and lamp glass industry; possible processes include joining, forming, cutting, flange / thread production, calibrating and drilling. The system is designed with a stable and torsion-free machine bed as well as a separate drive technique for each working head. A continuous adjustment of the laser beam diameter becomes possible by using a motorized axis for traveling the focusing lens.

The machine is designed as a compact system including the laser unit and machine control and can be operated either manually or fully automated, for instance by loading and unloading of work pieces via industrial robot.

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