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Flexible graphite material, asbetos free


This flexible graphite material is resistant against most media, like organic and unorganic acids and caustics, solvents, hot wax and 
Gas and liquid tight, applicable in air up to 550°C, in reduced or in inert atmosphere up to 3000°C.

■ resistant against alternating temperature
■ non aging
■ no heat transfer
■ great anistrops of the electrical and thermal conductivity
■ not wetted by molten glass, ceramics or metals
■ self-lubricant
■ soft surface
■ can be easily cut or punched
■ can be glued with common adhesives


Asbestos free materials catalog

The entire portfolio can be found clearly and in detail in our PDF catalog.

8 Seiten



isoTherm cords and braids offer consistently high sealing and insulation properties thanks to the optimal processing of raw materials.

■ special SiO2 glass fibres that withstand high temperatures are the 
    basic material for these products
■ application temperature limit 1050°C (1100°C for a short time)
■ low thermal conductivity
■  minimum heat storage
■ absolute incombustibility (DIN 4102)
■ loss due to shrinkage < 3%
■ skin friendly, absolutely harmless to health and chemically 


Mittens and gloves

Occupational safety products are perfectly adapted to the work with hot materials in hot environments. They offer effective protection as well as sufficient room of mobility for an optimal execution of individual activities.

ZETEX gloves
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