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„Capture of production- and process data in real time, based on industry 4.0 for higher productivity and significant cost reduction“

Our core competence in photovoltaics and semiconductor poly-Si processing is the mechanic cutting, notch- and roundgrinding, surface- and chamfergrinding, squaring, rod- and profilgrinding / polishing of silicon ingots.

Rod- and Profilgrinding
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RG608 / RG612  ​  Roundgrinder

RG608 / RG612


This machine is suitable for grinding SiC ingots of 4 -12“ with a max. length of 600 mm and straight notch and Flat grinds. Centering of parts is done automatically.

 Ingot dimension:
   - Diamter: 4 – 12“
   - Length: 30 mm - 600 mm

 XRD orientation measurment by Freiberg Instruments:
   - Inline inspection 4-12“
   - Orientations (111), (100), (110)
   - Measurement of the flat/notch position
   - Measurement of emergency depth, flat depth or width
   - Dia.-measurement on raw- and ground rodspread detector

 Notch grinding wheels:
   1-2 Grinding wheels for the different variant 
   of the notches or pre.- and finegrinding

 Load- and Unloading station:
   - Automatical load- and unloading
   - Scan of the Ingot ID

NC 559/200  ​  Rod preparation for Float Zone Process​

NC 559/200

Rod preparation for Float Zone Process​

Automatic grinding of cone and groove for preperation of poly crystal rod for float zone processing.
The machine is suitable for automatic grinding of cone and croove for preperation of poly crystal rod for flot zone processing. The work piece length of 500 up to 3000 mm with are maximal diamater from 200mm can be processed. The  grinding length is between 500 and 1000mm.

fully automatic machine concept
high process stability
very simple operation 
low cycle time – very high throughput
low production tolerances, high surface quality
high repeatability 
less machines required, smaller facility area required
high machine avaibility 97% acc. to SEMI E10

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Filament Cutting


Filamant Cutting Machine

72/1500  Filamant Cutting Machine


U-Rod Cutting Machine

72/1540  U-Rod Cutting Machine
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BS4000/320 A  Bandsaw

BS4000/320 A


for cutting from monocrystalline Ingot´s up to a Ø 320 mm

Test wafer thickness: 1 - 3 mm
Length cylindrical part: 3500 mm (in depends on the

   customer specification)
Diameter: 4 - 12“
Top/Tail cropping
Single cuts possible
Infeed accuracy of the X-axis block and disc infeed

   < 0.01 mm
latness (Bow, Warp, Shape, Linear Shape Range)

   <= 70 µm
Squarness of the test discs: < 0,1 mm
Cutting force (pressure sensor monitoring) limit value:

Belt tension limit value: ± 1.5
Belt speed limit value: ± 2%

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Drilling machines
564/01    Glass drilling- and reaming machine



Glass drilling- and reaming machine

In special execution for use of diamond-tipped hollow drills and conical diamond-tipped reamers.


■ Heavy drilling machine, vertical type, in solid and precise 
   execution, with sturdy base made from cast iron
■ Drilling table fully rotating, height adjustable by means of 
   toothed rack and worm gear
■ Drilling spindle runs on precision ball bearings
■ Drilling spindle possesses a pole-changing threephase motor
■ The stop of drilling depth can easily be adjusted special steel, 
   it is axially bored through and equipped with an attached

    coolant flushing hinge
■ Water collecting tank with built-in submerged pump
■ Pedal switch for actuation of pump


Jörg Gloger
Chief Sales Officer



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Kai Zlotos
Technical Sales



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